Wills and Estates

Help your clients get the message: DIY will kits are dirt cheap, but disastrous

DIY will kits are a tempting choice for many – mostly because they’re inexpensive. But when you consider how often they leave people tied up in expensive legal battles later on, their low cost seems a bit less attractive.

So how do you convince potential clients that your services are worth the extra investment?


Here are the 5 key messages you need to hit across all your marketing collateral.


1. ‘There are gaps in your knowledge – which a professional can fill’

Like so many scenarios in life, the decisions we make are only as good as the knowledge we have. 


As an experienced wills and estate planner, you have the nous and know-how to assess a client’s unique situation, ask the right questions, and make sure that every t is crossed and i is dotted. 


Assure your client that, if they come to you, they’ll be left with a water-tight will. 


2. ‘The writing is important – but execution is key’

Many people optimistically assume their loved ones will follow their wishes after they’re gone.


But according to the Financial Review, over 50% of wills in Australia are contested. 


By drafting their will with you, your clients will have peace of mind in knowing that you will be on-hand – ensuring they have the last word when it comes to executing their will.

3. ‘What if you need your will before you pass away?’

Often, people don’t appreciate that a will is more than a document concerning their assets. 


It also outlines their preferred legal arrangements for long-term medical care should they need it.


It’s impossible to overstate the importance of enshrining these decisions and securing the protection of a solicitor if they aren’t in a position to speak for themselves. Or if they end up in a position that puts them under undue influence or duress.


As their wills and estates lawyer, you will barrack for them and ensure their wishes are carried out.


4. ‘Complex situations require astute legal advice’

Where interpersonal relationships and the law intersect, things can quickly become fraught with issues.


Perhaps it’s creating a trust for their spouse or child. Or maybe it’s disinheriting a family member. Or ensuring an ex-spouse or partner doesn’t lay claim to their assets.


There are myriad situations where they will need the advice of a wills and estates lawyer. Rolling the dice and hoping for the best is a dangerous approach.


5. ‘If there’s one thing you don’t want your loved ones to inherit, it’s added stress’

A will should be there to help the deceased’s family through a difficult, emotional and stressful time. And a shoddy will that’s difficult to execute will only compound that anguish.


From drafting errors and omissions, to not complying with the legal formalities of a will, there are countless ways a will can go wrong. In a worst case scenario, poor execution could result in a lengthy legal battle.


That can cost families a fortune to resolve – and destroy relationships in the process.


6. And remember…

Most people create a will because they truly care about what will happen to their loved ones after they’re gone.


These 5 key messages help cement the fact that a DIY will kit might just make their loved ones’ lives harder.


So you’re not just selling yourself. In the end, you’re reminding them that the peace of mind you can offer makes their investment in your services worthwhile.


Looking to expand your knowledge in wills and estates?

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