Practice Skills


When clients first come to you for legal advice, it’s unlikely that they will automatically trust you. But a sure-fire way to destroy any trust they might have is by launching a sales pitch. Let us show you how you can win your clients over – by being helpful.


Why should I trust you?

Among politicians and advertising execs, lawyers are one of Australia’s least trusted professionals. A 2019 poll by market research firm Ipsos found that less than a quarter of Aussies ranked lawyers as ‘trustworthy’.

To compound the issue, clients find it difficult to assess whether they are satisfied with your work – even after you’ve provided them with legal aid or advice. 


This lack of trust means you’re already on the back foot when meeting new prospects. Why would anyone believe the message you’re selling… if they don't believe the messenger?

So, what can you do to convince them to trust you with their personal or business affairs?


Be the empathetic problem solver

Meeting a new prospect should be a ‘getting to know you’ exercise, not a sales pitch. Think of it as an opportunity to see if there is a mutually beneficial fit between you and your client.


Secondly, try to approach your prospect with a mindset of being there to help – rather than a goal of making money. Go in to solve their problem or make their pain go away.


And lastly, put empathy at the heart of your discussion. By putting yourself in their shoes and trying to fully grasp their challenges, you are understanding them as individuals. 

By being authentic and empathetic in your interaction, you will build a positive rapport with your prospect and earn their trust. And by genuinely engaging with their problems, you will be in a much better position to help them.